Have you ever wondered which animal has the largest brain in the whole universe? Brain, as the essential part of all human beings, has long been discussed by scientists. Some argue that the size of it influences the intelligence of the brain’s owner. How much is it true? If you are curious about some facts of the largest brain ever found on earth, here is the information for you.

The Sperm Whale

The answer to the question of which animal has the largest brain on earth is the sperm whale. Having a brain as much as 18 pounds, this animal marks history. This weight may seem light. However, do you know that a human brain weighs merely 3.5 pounds? In other words, the sperm whale’s brain is five times the weight of your brain.

This fact is actually not really surprising as the sperm whale remains the biggest predator in the sea. The male sperm whale can weigh up around 45 tons with an average length of 52 feet. The females are mostly smaller with weight approximately 15 tons and 36 feet in length average.

In spite of the fact that the sperm whale’s brain marks the largest on earth, their intelligence is still below dolphins and other whale species. It is proved by the lower score of encephalization quotient results collected by the experts and scientists. Therefore, the idea of the larger the brain the smarter the creature does not seem suitable. 

The Killer Whale

The killer whale appears as the second list to answer which animal has the largest brain on earth. Being on the same family as the previously mentioned creature, the killer whale has a slightly different size of the brain. The killer whale, or also known for orca, has a brain that weighs around 12 to 15 pounds. This size remains far beyond the human brain size.

The Elephant

The elephant puts itself in the third position as the animal who has the largest brain. The elephant represents the only land creature in the top three list. Its brain weighs approximately 11 pounds. However, this weight reaches its maximum size once the elephant is an adult. When they are just born, they have merely 30% to 40% weight of the brain.

Most of the animals who own the largest brain on earth have the enormous size of the body as well. the sperm whale, the killer whale, as well as the elephant, are known as gigantic animals living on earth. No wonder, the answer to satisfy your curiosity about which animal has the largest brain on earth will not swerve far away from these huge animals.